About Us

   Main motive behind the creation of this website is to implement a well-managed mechanism to ensure minimal food wastage, thereby securing the effective disposal of mess resources. The website bridges and adheres to the requirement of a proper channel for information interchange, between those concerned (that is, the mess management and the students). In essence, it makes everything easy and transparent, the two primary factors about which any system should revolve.

For any complaints or queries regarding IIST mess, contact:

Senior Manager, Canteen Sevices IIST

Vinod Kaimal
Email: vinod_kaimal@yahoo.com
Tel: +91-471-2112010
Mob: +91 9446397955

Manager, Canteen Sevices IIST

V K Mohanan
Mob: +91 8281682759

Canteen Supervisor

You may contact +919497722466 or +919496722566

For any queries regarding booking, contact:

Veg. Special Booking

Ananthu M Aji
Email: ananthumajikollam@gmail.com
Mob: +91 9400725223

Auxiliary Lunch / Breakfast Booking

Alsaj A S
Email: alsajabdulsamad@gmail.com
Mob: +91 8281682759

This website is designed and developed by:

Thaiseer Parammal

If you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve the website, contact me at thaiseer.p@gmail.com

Source code of this website is made Open Source @ my GitHub page